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South East Country Vets are passionate about pets. We are committed to providing your dog, cat or bird a tailored preventative health program as their needs change so you can ensure they have a long and healthy life.

To make it easy for you to understand what your pet needs, we have put together some Gold Standards of Care for your pet. This is a simple program that we can walk through with you in a general consult. It gives information on worming, tick and flea prevention, nutrition, oral health and more. We use these Gold Standards to put together a tailored program for your pet. To make it easy for you to know what to do and when, we will send you reminders for vaccination, flea/tick and worm prevention. You can have peace of mind knowing we're here for your cat, dog or other pets at every stage of their life.

We provide a full suite of veterinary services for your dog, cat and bird. Our veterinary hospital is well equipped to handle any emergency, and it is a comfortable space for your pet to recover.

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Companion Animal Services

  • Artificial Insemination

  • Behaviour Consults

  • Orthopaedic and soft tissue surgery

  • Clinical Pathology

  • Cruciate Ligament Repair

  • Dentistry

  • Desexing

  • Endoscopy

  • Grooming

  • Hydrobaths

  • Medicine and Surgery

  • Microchipping

  • Nutritional advice

  • Preventative care/ Parasitic Control

  • Puppy Preschool

  • Radiology &Ultrasonography

  • Vaccination and Annual Health Checks

Dog grooming, Toogoolawah, Blackbutt, Crows Nest


Is it time to give your dog or cat a new 'do? We offer grooming and clipping services across all of our vet clinics. Our warm and friendly staff are experienced in clipping all breeds of dogs and cats. Leave your pet with us to be pampered while you do your shopping!

Our grooming service includes:

  • Clipping of all breeds

  • Shampoo, conditioning, preventative treatments

  • Nail clipping

It’s not just a clip because your pet has long hair, grooming is an important part of the overall care. Bathing, brushing, blow drying, nail clip, ear check will pamper your pet with a total make over whilst giving us the opportunity to spot any health issues.

Give us a call today! We look forward to making your pet look and feel fabulous.

Puppy preschool, Toogoolawah, Blackbutt, Crows Nest

Puppy Preschool

Puppy preschool is designed as a fun way for your pup to learn how to socialise with their future four and two legged friends. We also provide education on how to raise a safe, well-mannered, healthy family member. Puppy preschool addresses this by socialising the pup to new friends and non-threatening situations. It is also much easier to teach a puppy the basic commands and good behavior now rather than when it is a much larger problem later down the track.

Taking your dog to the vet can be a stressful time for all involved. Puppy preschool is designed to be fun! All training is reward-based and there are lots of play sessions. Soon your puppy will see coming to the vet as a fun outing! Over the four weeks of this course we will discuss topics such as nutrition, common behaviours, diseases that affect your puppy and your family, basic commands, grooming and much more.

The Benefits:
  • Puppy socialisation in a safe environment

  • Advice on all aspects of pet care

  • Introduction to basic training

  • Discussion of common problems

  • Above all, great fun!

Enrol your puppy today.

Emergency vet, Toogoolawah, Blackbutt, Crows Nest

Emergency Vet Clinic

We provide a professional 24 hour emergency service, 7 days a week, everyday of the year! Your pet or animal will be in the safest possible hands under the care of our team. After hours is shared between our Toogoolawah, Crows Nest and Blackbutt Veterinary Clinics.

If you have a genuine emergency, please contact 075423 1303 and follow the prompts

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